December 15, 2013

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December 8, 2013

You can’t let the fear of doing something new keep you from what you want or what will make you happy.

You can’t let the fear of doing something new keep you from what you want or what will make you happy.

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October 11, 2013

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October 7, 2013

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October 6, 2013

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September 20, 2013

New Adventures

About a month ago my company shut down and all the employees were laid off. Some people think getting laid off is the end of the world. I on the other hand, see this as a brand new opportunity. 

Being laid off has given me the chance to explore other things I’m interested in but didn’t have time for. I was able to finish the final touches of my wedding, hang out with my guests and get married. I went on my honeymoon without constantly thinking about user emails. When I came back I was relaxed and ready to take on my future. I started a volunteer program for the elderly in my community, I got to go to Girls Weekend for the first time in years, I tackled the arts & crafts projects I’ve been putting off.

Now that I’ve gotten to catch up on things the next question is - what do you want to do with your future Sara? Well question asker - the world is now my oyster. I can do whatever I put my mind to, branch out into new possibilities - basically go where the wind takes me.

I find this new experience to be extremely exciting. While I am sad about my company closing, I know that everyone will land on their feet and continue to do great things. As word from my old bosses…

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each of you and we are deeply sad that our time together has come to an end. We wish for all of you that you will find a fulfilling and rewarding next stepping stone in your careers, and have the upmost respect for you both as team members and as people. When we started this company as college students we had big dreams, but we could never have possibly imagined that anyone would actually believe in us enough to come and join our team. I do not say this lightly, it has been an absolute honor, and far beyond our wildest expectations, to have worked with such talented, hard working, and passionate people. From working with this team we have learned so much, grown, been challenged, and enjoyed time with great friends.

I don’t think I could have said it better. In the words of Eames from Inception… "You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little biggerdarling.”

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August 2, 2013

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June 25, 2013

3 years at FadingRed!

3 years at FadingRed!

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October 22, 2012

Keeping Email Organized

I get almost 100 emails every day. That’s right - EVERY DAY. With that many emails coming in, I have to have a system to keep myself organized. Now you’re probably wondering how and why I get that many emails and the answer is - I have a lot of email addresses!

Part of my organization is having so many email addresses. One a personal level - I have one that is my personal email that is for personal emails only. I have another email address that is shared with my fiancé and deals with all wedding related inquiries. I have one that came when I signed up for comcast and didn’t have a choice in the matter. I also have an email address that is used specifically for when you have to “sign up” for things and you don’t want your inbox flooded with random, unimportant emails. Right there is 4 separate email addresses and this is only in my personal life.

One a work level -  I have one for work that is [sara] work only content. I also do all our support content, so there is a support email. Beta testing has its own email. Random information inquires get sent to another address. People applying to our company get sent to a completely different address. All party planning gets sent to another and that adds up to different 6 emails. 

Add those together and I get 10 different types of emails every single day.

What has been amazing and for a really long time I didn’t about, was that Mail (for Mac) allowed you to set up “filters.” These filters help to direct your mail into any direction you choose. This was a revelation for my already tidy workspace! I was baffled that I did not know this functionality existed - and have been ever so happy since learning about this. 

To make the most of of the filters and to keep my inbox clear, I created specific folders and set up filters. Once an email hit my inbox it was automatically sent straight to the folder the email coincided with! Poof - inbox clean!

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